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Qualities of an Effective Leader

  1. Have genuine care for people. Listen…and then listen some more.

  2. Provide clear expectations. People need to know where they stand at all times.

  3. Engage in regular honest conversations. Be hard on issues and soft on people.

  4. Praise in public and correct in private.

  5. Discover and develop people’s strengths and passions. When you do, you unlock their potential.

  6. Build genuine relationships. Conversation creates relationship, and trust is built upon it.

  7. Share the credit. Amazing what gets done when no one cares who gets the credit.

  8. Speak vision and possibility into people.

  9. Share leadership. Be ambitious for the success of one another.

  10. Have fun along the way.

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1 Comment

El Gato
El Gato
Jul 13, 2021

I have been blessed having known Marty as a friend and co-worker over the last 15 years. I can definitely say that Marty walks the walk when it comes to listening and effective leadership. I highly encourage and endorse Marty and Iron Sharpens Iron ( and the service offerings they provide.

Nick Torres [form. Ameriprise Director of Technology Risk - retired]

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