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Iron Sharpens Iron

Creating Sharper Teams!

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In working with entrepreneurs the past 35 years, many ask these questions...

“Can you help identify my blind spots so I can become a better leader?"

“How can I become a better listener and develop my people?"

"How can we improve team communications so we work better together?"

“How can I delegate better and take advantage of everyone's strengths?”

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Casual Business Meeting

Iron Sharpens Iron helps sharpen your team!

Sharper Teams

Deliver a brilliant client experience

Are more engaged and passionate​

Get more accomplished in less time

Have each other's back

Create a workplace full of joy!

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When iron is rubbed against another piece of iron, it shapes and sharpens it.
Similarly, people can help each other improve through their questions, challenges and encouragement.
The SOFT stuff is the HARD part!

  • In one day, you helped us solve challenges that we have been struggling with for years. 

  • Your talent as a meeting facilitator went far beyond your technological insight (which we have enjoyed for years) and into team communication (verbal and non-verbal), goal focus and prioritization techniques that greatly improved our experience. 

  • You translated what one team member was saying into language the other members could understand.

  • You asked questions that helped us really “own” the solutions (rather than simply telling us what to do).

  • You give an unbiased voice to allow each one of us to think deeper about our responses.

Will Rogers CFP®, BFA™, ChFC®, APMA®
Ameriprise Private Wealth Advisor
Evans, GA

  • Our team’s engagement with Marty was a unique opportunity to be able to see “from the outside looking in.”

  • Rather than asking, “What’s wrong?”, Marty’s approach focused on asking open-ended questions and listening.

  • From those learnings, Marty extrapolated a framework on what was going well as well as a few “blind spots” for our team. He provided thoughtful observations and recommendations specific to the team as a whole and for each individual team member.

  • As a leader, I appreciated the opportunity to hear about dynamics or challenges that weren’t readily on my radar. It was a great experience for our team.

Dana Wales CFP®
Ameriprise Private Wealth Advisor
St. Joseph, MI

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Customized and Personal

I start by asking insightful questions and listening.  Lots of listening...for both what you say and how you say it. 
Communication and teamwork are full of subtleties.  Understanding each other builds trust and passion. 
Together, we'll improve yours.

Team Meeting


I conduct one to one and small group interviews with you and appropriate members of your team to identify opportunities for improvement.
(virtually using cameras or in person).


I meet with you to review my recommendations and strategize on next steps.

Business Meeting


We’ll seek to implement appropriate changes together and when needed, help you and team members to learn new skills.

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Seek to Sharpen

Let's help you be a better...

Business Owner

  1. What's most important to you?  Why?

  2. What's keeping you from achieving your ideal business?

  3. What's working well?  What's not? 

  4. What keeps you up at night?

  5. Are there problems you've been unable to solve?  Why?

Practitioner / Financial Advisor

  1. What aspects of work do you enjoy?  Like to do more of?  Why?

  2. What aspects of work do you not enjoy?  Like to do less of? 

  3. What do you wish were different with your work?  Why?

  4. Why are you happy (or not) with your work?

  5. How could your talents and skills be better used?

People Leader

  1. How do your people know if they're doing a good job?  Or bad job?

  2. What excites the members of your team?

  3. What is each team member good at?

  4. What is each team member's preferred communication style?

  5. How effective are your team meetings?  Why?

Questions I'll Ask Your Team:

  1. What are your long term goals and how does your current role help you reach them?

  2. What do you look forward to each day?

  3. What are the goals for the business?  How are you rewarded for achieving them?

  4. How could your talents and skills be better used?

  5. What's working well?  What's not working well?

  6. How could communications be improved among team members?

  7. How could technology be better utilized?

  8. How could your leader improve?  What are their blindspots?

  9. What's something you want your leader to know about you?

Typical engagement is 1 to 2 weeks

Typical Fee is $2500 - $5000

I desire to help as many people as possible.  When I do, a charity I have supported for 20+ years benefits.

50% of all fees are donated to Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge -

Let's talk today and discover how I can help.

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Marty 2020 Headshot 2.jpg

Marty Anderson

35 years at Ameriprise Financial
30 years experience as a people leader, technology trainer and facilitator
Passion for discovering and helping others be their best self
Experience helping users get the most from technology
Loves to help people thrive within the team
Leads by listening and asking insightful questions

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My Story

To make a difference...

When I was a teenager, I remember listening to my parents talk with our family insurance agent about the importance of planning for the unexpected and taking care of one's family. I could see the impact that agent had on people's lives.  That conversation left me inspired with a life mission to “make a difference in as many people's lives as possible." That mission has guided me in all my relationships with friends, coworkers, acquaintances...and strangers.

For my career, I got to work at Ameriprise Financial, where every day I was given the opportunity to make a difference in someone's life. What a blessing!  I first found a passion to help people learn to better use technology.  Then I discovered a passion to lead a team and help my people grow and develop. I learned to take delight in their success rather than my own.   I found I really enjoyed inspiring and mentoring others to be better versions of themselves whether as a leader or follower.  Along the way, I have made many mistakes, but I have also learned from them.  After all, to fail and learn is to succeed next time!

I recently retired from Ameriprise because I want to have more opportunities to inspire people to become a better version of themself and to be an awesome leader...or follower.  Now each morning, I ask God “who can I help today” and look for his guidance.  #blessed

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10301 Virginia Road, Bloomington, MN 55438


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